2008 - 7 - 30



(1) ANDREW's Election Platform

Hello everybody, I am Andrew Chiu, and I am a postgraduate student pursuing a Master of Public Administration. I am also an Accredited Community Mediator and a member of the Community Consultant of LegCo member. I have been living in Shun On Mansion, Taikoo Shing for almost 10 years. Therefore, I have a thorough understanding of the needs of residents in this neighborhood. I started participating in community services four years ago and I am dedicated to deliver the best to the community. My platform is as follows:

~ 1. To employ my professional knowledge in mediation, I will take on the role of a community facilitator to improve the quality of life in this neighborhood and to help it become more harmonious.

~ 2. To become the liaison between the community and the government to reflect opinions and suggestions of residents through effective communications.

~ 3. To enliven the Taikoo Shing community through promoting and renewing the recreation facilities around us in order to further elevate Taikoo Shing's reputation.

~ 4. To supervise the progress of projects in the community, including hotel project, One Island East, and recreational areas (e.g.: Via Fiori) and its negative effects on the environment in order to lower the effects of these projects on the residents of Taikoo Shing.

~ 5. To follow up on the possible traffic problems that current hotel and commercial center development projects in Taikoo Shing may bring to the community in the future. Also, to request Transportation Department to research on solutions to help Taikoo Shing face the possible traffic problems in the future.

~ 6. To promote the use of recreational area and to ensure public spaces are available for residents.

~ 7. To build our ideal community by paying attention to residents' needs and collaborating with experts from different fields.

It is my goal to serve the residents as a liaison between the community and the government. I will report to the community regularly and I would like to invite all residents to improve and enhance the community together.

On November 18, please support and
vote for No. 1 Andrew CHIU as your representative.


(2) ANDREW's Commitment

" A Hard-working Councilor to facilitate the Community Development ! "


(3) ANDREW's Profile


Name:  CHIU Ka-yin ANDREW

Living place:  Shun On Mansion, Taikoo Shing

Education:  Postgraduate Student of
        Master of Public Administration

        Bachelor of Social Sciences

Place of birth:   Hong Kong

Nationality:   Hong Kong, China

Political Organization:   The Democratic Party


Professional Organizations:

~~ Accredite Community Mediator (Membership: AM1213)
  Hong Kong Mediation Centre (HKMC)

~~ Member, Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC)


Social services:

~~ Founder, Taikoo Shing Youth Volunteer Services Group (Since 2004)

~~ Tower Representative,
  Taikoo Shing Stage V Representative Committee

~~ Member, Security Sub-Committee
  Taikoo Shing Management Liaison Council

~~ External Vice-chairman,
  Canossa School (Hong Kong) Alumni Association

~~ Member, Hong Kong Avant-garde Policy Research Institute ( Roundtable )

~~ Member, The Hong Kong Human Right Monitor

~~ Advisor, Student Society of Social Science (Full-time programme)
  The Open University of Hong Kong


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